Congratulations To The 17th Annual Store Manager Award Winners!

2016 Store Manager Award Winners

Celebrating the People Who Drive Our Industry

“Our Store Manager Awards recognize the achievements of top operators who are truly invested in their local communities and we're so pleased to honor and celebrate the unique talents among these grocery heroes."

Leslie G. Sarasin, President & CEO, Food Marketing Institute

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Recognizing Their Exceptional Work and Community Service

Alberto Ayala 6 Alberto Ayala 7 Alberto Ayala 8 Alberto Ayala 9 Alberto Ayala 13 Alberto Ayala 14 Piotr Soja - Team huddle Piotr Soja - Team huddle Piotr Soja 03 Piotr Soja 07 Piotr Soja 08 Piotr Soja 13 Josh Birmingham 1 Josh Birmingham 4 Josh Birmingham 11 Josh Birmingham 17 Josh Birmingham 16 Ted Pigeon 3 Ted Pigeon- Mentoring New Store Manager Ted Pigeon 6 Ted Pigeon 15 Jon Wieser 5 Jon Wieser 9 Jon Wieser 11 Jon Wieser 17 Jon Wieser 23